Suzuki Handbook

2017-2018 Suzuki Handbook


Private and Group Lessons:

All students enrolled in the OSU Suzuki Program will participate in both private lessons and group lessons.  Each student will be given 16 private lessons across the course of a 16-week semester.

Absence and Tardiness:​

In the event that a student needs to reschedule a lesson they must contact their private teacher no less than 48 hours in advance.  If no contact has been made, the teacher will not make up the lesson. However, in the case of illness, please contact the teacher as soon as possible, and the teacher will do their best to accommodate your family.

Students are expected to arrive on time for all lessons and classes. Teachers will wait 10 minutes before assuming that a student will not be attending a private lesson. Faculty members are not required to make up the lost time. If a teacher is late, any missed lesson time will be made up.

The faculty consists of active professional musicians who may periodically need to reschedule private lessons. If a teacher is absent, a make-up lesson will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. If the student misses a make-up lesson, a second lesson will not be arranged, and payment will be required as in a regular student’s absence. 

In the event of inclement weather, check the OSU website for closings. If the campus is closed, private and group lessons will be cancelled. Private lessons missed due to closure will be made up or reimbursed, but group lessons will not.

*Students of Esther Fellows please note: If your child studies with Esther Fellows, you will be receiving only 14 lessons this semester and will pay $70 dollars for your December tuition as opposed to $125.  If you need to cancel a lesson, Ms. Fellows will not be able to make up the lesson.  You must contact the director 48 hours in advance of the lesson and your tuition will be reimbursed for the missed lesson.  If no contact has been made, you will not be reimbursed for the missed lesson.

Expectation of Parents:​​​​​​​

It is expected that parents of beginning students will attend all group and private lessons and practice with his/her child every day. Parents should be actively involved in the learning process and should take notes during private and group lessons.  Positive and encouraging parental involvement is the biggest indicator of student success in our program! 

Payment Policy:

Payments may be made either at the beginning of the semester or on a monthly basis. Payments made on a monthly basis are due by the 1st of the month. Beginning October 1st, late payments will be subject to at $15 processing fee.  


Performance Opportunities and Concert Etiquette:

Performance Opportunities. Group lessons provide the opportunity for students to perform for their peers on a regular basis and to perform together as a group. Solo recitals are also held once each semester. All students are expected to perform on this recital. 

Concert Etiquette. Students must arrive on time and stay for the ENTIRE concert, as it is very disruptive to the students performing to leave in the middle of a recital. Rattling papers, candy wrappers and talking are also distracting to performers. Please do not enter or exit the room during a performance.

Conflicts and Dismissals:

Conflicts. Parents/students should make every effort to resolve instructional or personal issues with the private teacher. Teachers will do their best to respond to individual needs. The Director is available for consultation in case of serious need.

Concurrent study. Students enrolling for individual lessons cannot be concurrently studying that same instrument or discipline with another private teacher without the approval of the Director. Teacher changes within the OSU Suzuki Program will be handled through the Director.

Dismissal. The OSU Community School reserves the right to dismiss any student due to lack of interest or progress, frequent absence (more than four lessons per semester), frequent tardiness, behavior problems, delinquency in payment of fees, or failure to abide by policy. The following procedure will be followed in such a case:

  1. Parent will be phoned
    2. Letter will be sent
    3. Dismissal